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Treatments & Technics  Explained

Pre-event Massage: Aims to get the muscles, soft tissue and the mind ready for the event or competition ahead.  It can help prevent injury by preparing the muscles and joints. Duration 30 mins


Post-event Massage: Soothes and eases tired tissues and can help prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Duration 30 mins

Consultation: I will do a full postural assessment upon your first treatment and I can then through different tests and ranges of movement try and determine the route or the cause of your discomfort or pain, and then from there can devise a treatment plan. 

Maintenance Massage:  This can take place between training sessions, the aim is to work on specific areas that have become short, tight and or painfulI.  It can help prevent injury occurring and increase circulation.  A range of technics can be used ranging from deep tissue work, trigger pointing, Manipulation and other soft tissue massage and stretching technics.

Injury Treatment: Different tests and ranges of movement can be performed to help determine the severity of injury or culprit muscle or group of muscles.  Many soft tissue massage and stretching technics can be used  for the most appropriate treatment.

Pregnancy Massage: This massage is not as deep the traditional sports massage because of the bodies anatomical changes in pregnancy, but Myofacial technics are ok to be used and a slightly gentler form of massage will still help to ease the ache's and pains of carrying a baby.


Kinesio taping & Dry Cupping:  For any of the above treatments I can use Cupping or taping to enhance the treatment or help an injury or postural issue. 

I will always refer to a physio or appropriate medical health professional if I feel the injury or problem is not suitable for me to treat.  I also give personally tailored aftercare advice, exercises and stretches to be done between treatments in order to increase the effectiveness of your treatment.


Please contact me directly to book an appointment.

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